Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Mid Week Tease - The most spectacular creation in my world


Hi, everyone. Welcome to Mid Week Tease, where my author friends and I share a little something with you, our readers, from some of our past work, up and coming releases, and WIPs (Works in Progress). Thanks going out to Angelica Dawson for organizing our weekly teasing fun!

I'm super happy to announce Book One, in my Two Hearts, One Soul Duet is on sale for only a $1.99 on Amazon (for a limited time) and Book Two, Forever & Always is now avaiable for pre-order! Purchase now, and have the second and final book in the duet auto-delivered to your Kindle on release day, August 15th.

Also, for those of you who love and use the Kindle Unlimed program, both books are avaialbe to read for free in KU! 

You can find Always here:
Amazon CA

Now for a little tease from my heroine, Winter in Forever & Always!

The pewter color of the sky breaking out of the night, shifting into differing shades of silvered-pink dawn outside the wall of windows in Cayden’s Hollywood home greeted me. He was still sleeping. I’d awakened first for once.
Bending my knees up to my chest, I placed my arms around my legs, hugging them—Cayden’s ring on my finger sparkling.
Holding out my left hand, I twisted the ring around and around and wondered when he’d found the time to buy it.
My attention swung to the amazing man beside me. Cayden was half-lying on his side—his pillow crooked—chestnut hair shimmering highlights of bronze in the morning light.
My gaze followed the line of his neck—the curve where neck met shoulder. The glow coming in the windows accentuated areas, turning him into a masterpiece of luminosity and shadows that caressed the angles and planes of his flawless body.
I listened to his breath coming and going smoothly—no hint of distress, only even breathing with the rise and the fall of his chest. His muscles were relaxed in his sleep, but still evident beneath the perfect alabaster of his skin.
I visually outlined his distinctly strong bicep and the shape of his forearm resting at his side. The light smattering of dark hair where it started on top of his hand. How his long fingers curled slightly around nothing but air.
My gaze naturally flowed to a portion of Cayden’s bare shoulder blade, his musculature defined—the curve of his position—the flow of his spine into the small of his back where his two dimples rested.
The indented muscle on the side of his firm butt.
The sheet lay twisted over a section of his tight waist, revealing the ripples of his stomach muscles V-ing downward. A piece of his strong thigh. One foot peeking out from the bottom of the gnarled sheet.
Reaching out toward him, I began to trace the high definition of his sculptured cheekbone without touching him, making sure to keep my fingertips above the surface of his skin—careful not to disturb Cayden from his dreams. Nor did I wish to interrupt me from mine.
That pull was there. Muted energy. My awareness.
Tingling fingers took in the shape of his jaw, his chin, the slope of his nose—the very slightest bit from a straight line at the bridge—the way his eyebrows thinned and narrowed at the outer edges, and his peaceful brow.
I drew the length of his lashes extending out from the gentle curve of his eye and the slight shadow falling across the hollow beneath—my quest saving his lips for last—still outlining, never touching.
Every line of his body, each winding curve, every splendid muscle, each faultless angle and shape was familiar to me, flooding my memory with the man who came before him, yet knowing Cayden had always been. He filled my eyes with wonder, made my heart expand, my tummy flutter—my breath to falter.
The very existence of Cayden still boggled my mind and set it free. The splendid youth of him and the complete knowledge of how deeply I loved him overtook me. In all of my life, whether it ended in that very moment, or whether I lived to be a hundred and ten, Cayden, like Austin, had always been, and would forever be, the most spectacular creation in my world.

Pre-Order Forever & Always Here:
Amazon CA


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