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Mid Week Tease - Dark, dangerous, and tempting

Hi, everyone. Welcome to Mid Week Tease, where my author friends and I share a little something with you, our readers, from some of our past work, up and coming releases, and WIPs (Works in Progress). Thanks going out to Angelica Dawson for organizing our weekly teasing fun! 

Last week my tease was from Bound by the Bad Boy (Book 3 Bad Boy Fever) which I'm currently in the process of writing. So this week, I figured why not share some more? Enjoy!

 Syn watched as Elle opened the penthouse door with one hand; the other holding the fleshy lobe of her ear as she attempted something resembling a smile followed by a sweet, “Hi.”
“Hello, Ms. Graye.”
“You look—” those pale eyes lowered, inching down his frame as the tip of her tongue touched the upper bow of her glossy lip as if she were considering her words carefully “—handsome,” she finally said.
He wasn’t wearing anything overly special, just some black Armani suit pants with a black, fitted, button up—his sleeves rolled up to his elbows, no jacket, no tie.
She, on the other hand, looked exquisite. Edible. Pick her up and put her on his cock fuckable. But he needed to be somewhat mannered and not some type of knuckle-dragging ape with a hard-on. “You look delicious, Kitten. Sinfully delicious.”
Elle had piled all her long hair up in a messy tousle atop her head, exposing the graceful column of her neck. And that dress she was wearing, all lacy—demure and daring—showed off her bare shoulders, clung to every curve of her appetizing body, and the low neckline highlighted the tender swells of her incredible breasts.
His gaze dropped. Jesus. The girl was working those sparkling fuck-me heels, too.
“Um…” she mumbled. “Thanks, I guess.”
Syn held back his chuckle. The girl—No. She may be young, but she wasn’t a girl. She was a stunningly beautiful woman. A woman who didn’t know what to make of him.
“Come in.” She stepped aside allowing him to pass. “I’m almost ready.”
Elle’s penthouse apartment was gleaming wood floors, exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and open from foyer to the kitchen, to the living room, to the glass enclosed atrium leading to a cantilevered balcony with a view. But the real view, the one he couldn’t pull his attention from, was her.
“Dang, it.” She was still messing with her ear.
Syn strode up behind her, so close, her body heat brushed against his front. His dick wanted to get into the action and rub up against her, but he didn’t allow their bodies to touch.
Even so, she went statue still.
Leaning down, he put his mouth next to her ear and his hand to hers. “Here. Let me help you with that.”
A tremor shot through her and the wild pulse beating on the side of her neck didn’t escape his notice either as he took a diamond stud from her fingers.
The rather large stone sparkled in the light as he lined up the platinum post, and pressed it through the tiny hole in her lobe before attaching the back. “There you go.”
Strumming his knuckles along the side of her neck to the curve of her bare shoulder, she let out a little whimper of sound before her, “Thanks.”
He took a deep breath. Fuck. Syn enjoyed the decadent scent that had driven him to the edge of his control earlier that afternoon. Raspberries, expensive chocolate, and something uniquely soft and feminine. Exclusive to Noelle. “No need for the thanks. It was my pleasure.”
She shifted her weight.
“Nervous, Kitten?”
“Maybe a little bit.”
Syn palmed her hip, keeping her with him, restraining his desire to kiss the petal-soft warmth of her cheek then slide his lips down the side of her neck. “Don’t be.” 
“Let me grab my bag and then we can go. Okay?”
The quaver in her voice made him smile.
“Of course.” He took a step back, catching the way her stiff shoulders dropped.
Dark, dangerous, and tempting. Those were the words bouncing around inside Noelle’s head, accompanied by heat swirling down her spine when Master Sykes gently caressed the ball of her shoulder and sniffed her neck.
Did he know the effect he had on her?
Probably. Noelle was sure he’d picked up on the fact she’d been shivering, and not because she was cold. He was an experienced man. Sure. Not some bumbling guy. But the real question she kept asking herself was why did those commanding and confident qualities make her want things, which by all rights, should scare the bejesus out of her?
How did I get myself into this position with him anyway?
She’d gone to Master Sykes for one specific reason. She needed help. Although, her reason for seeking him out was quickly becoming blurred by some type of lustful attraction—something Noelle wasn’t real sure she wanted to experience, if she were honest.
The man is more then you can handle.
The reasonable side of her knew she should politely let him know this whole going to dinner thing for discussion was a mistake. She needed to tell him she was sorry to have wasted his time and bow out of their evening together. But the crazy in her ignored all her misgivings, grabbed her clutch, made sure her phone, gloss, wallet, and keys were inside, and then went to where he stood in her living room.


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  1. Excellent tease. Love the way you get inside their heads. Looking forward to more.

  2. Hot tease. Love how close they get without really touching. Intense.

  3. What a wonderful look at how both of them are reacting to each other. Terrific tease, London!


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