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Spring Fling Romance Collections

Spring Fling
A Limited-Edition Collection of Romance

Winter is fading into the distance and the season of love is upon us.
With desires building, passion explodes in this collection of steamy and must-read romances.
Come and join us, won't you? Spring is in the air…

Coming March 20, 2018
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Featured Story Teasers:
Tiptoeing by Nicole Morgan

The Watchers by Stacy-Deanne
She ran her fingers through his hair, touching his scalp. "I've wanted you since you first came to my house."
"When you were flirting?" He chuckled, massaging her breasts. "How does this feel?"
"Good." She leaned back on the shelf, moaning. "Kiss'em."
Scott kissed her breasts, tracing his tongue along the brown areola.
"Yes." She got that swishing motion in her stomach as if she were falling over a cliff. "Yes, Scott."
Inner Girl Rising by Jan Springer
"You like it, don't you, having the two of us taking you?" Andrew whispered. His voice was dark and deep and it's huskiness rippled along her sensitized nerve endings. Andrew's palm moved away and fingers teasingly trailed around her slit. Involuntarily, Paisley bucked against him, needing penetration. Andrew chuckled.
"Spread your legs wider, sweetheart. Nice and wide," he ordered.

Another Hot Night by Krista Ames
 Zayn hesitated as he hovered over Jenna. Having her gloriously naked in his bed was all he'd wanted since the day he'd met her. She had an air about her that wrapped around his entire being, made him putty in her hands. Slowly he kissed her, unable to pull away as he lowered himself to rest against her skin.
"Are you waiting for permission?"
"Do I need it?"
With her legs wrapping around his waist, Jenna pulled him to where her body desperately needed him to be.
"Permission granted."

Love Potion by Cara Marsi
 She wanted him suddenly, wanted all of him, body and soul, in a way she'd never wanted any other man. Hungrily she wound her arms around his neck and lifted her face for his kiss. He was quick to deliver. His lips, soft at first, grew more demanding, and Nicole's whole body seemed to come alive at his touch. She opened to him, twining her tongue with his in an erotic dance. When he slid his hand up her ribcage to caress her breast through the thin fabric of the tank top, she groaned. He lay back, pulling her with him until she was on top of him.

Mr. Delicious by Khardine Gray

Mister Write Now by Nikky Kaye
 Sophy cleared her throat and opened the book again, projecting her voice to the far corners of the library. "Clarissa reached out and tangled her fingers in his soft hair, pulling him closer to her quivering nest of desire."
Somewhere in the distance she heard a gasp and she blinked at the words swimming on the page in front of her, realizing she had lost her place. She would not be embarrased.
Her voice rose as she skipped ahead a few sentences to finish the paragraph. "--she melted against the scratchy straw at her back and her body tensed in anticipation."
When she turned back to Max, she saw the strangled expression on his face and the small flush in the hollow of his throat, exposed by his starched white shirt. Even though he looked as though he wanted to crawl under the table and die, he gazed at her with a mixture of fascination and something more dangerous.

The Millionaire by Lisa Marbly-Warir
"What are you doing here?" Quisha asked as she opened the door with a towel wrapped around her still damp body.
Without answering he kissed her. She gave in to the kiss. The chemistry between them had been slowly growing and neither of them could deny it. He picked her up and carried her to her bedroom and removed her towel...

Why Not by Dana Kenzi
The pleasure was too much for her, and she screamed when her climax hit. Her back arched off the bed, and Ryan thrust his fingers deep into her. His mouth somehow remained attached to her clit, and he licked her through her orgasm.
His attentions carried her through the waves until she felt too sensitive to continue. Ryan pulled his fingers out and kissed her stomach.
Sadie was exhausted, but she wanted him to know how satisfied she was. 

Without Reservation by Lynn Burke
"Give us one night," Jack said. "Please."
She peered into his eyes, temptation swirling through her body. Just one night. She wouldn't see them again, anyway, right? No harm in one little fling. Checked off number one bucket list desire...
Trevor kissed her palm. "Please." 

Tempting Asher by Ja'Nese Dixon
I mistakenly looked into his chestnut eyes, stepping forward and I freeze. Accepting the heated offer in his eyes would only make this awful situation worse. I can't crack.
I can't pretend I asked, and he agreed. Asher couldn't possibly love me and grand a hall pass. Could he?

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Are you ready to party?

Come and join in the fun with the 

Down & Dirty crew!

When: February 23rd & 24th

Where: Facebook

Hosted by: 2 One-Click Addicts


Join Us
Friday, February 23, 2018
2:30 P.M. CST - Lucy Felthouse
3:00 CST - Samantha Cole
3:30 CST - Eva Moore
4:00 CST - RL Merrill
4:30 CST - BD Stevens
5:00 CST - Mia Hopkins
5:30 CST - Ava Campbell
6:00 CST - Danielle James
6:30 CST - CR Moss
7:00 CST - Rose Nickol
7:30 CST - Elena Kincaid
8:00 CST - Nikki Prince

Saturday February 24, 2018
3:00 P.M. CST - Cecile Tellier
3:30 - 4:30 CST - Ashley Malkin
4:30 CST - Lori King
5:00 CST - Sabrina Sol
6:00 CST - Sydney Lea
6:30 CST - Sarah Marsh
7:00 CST - Maia Dylan
7:30 CST - London Saint James
8:00 CST - Kimberlie Faye

Dont miss out!

The Promise by Allyson Young

Does a week of sexual adventure include a future with two men?

Buy Links:

Allyson Young lives in cottage country, Manitoba, Canada with her husband and numerous pets. She has always enjoyed the written word, and after reading an erotic romance, quite by mistake, decided to try her hand at penning one.
A best selling Amazon author, a hybrid author, as of December 2017 along with her alter ego and three coauthors, she has published four series and several standalones in contemporary, sci-fi, fantasy, historical and suspense genres--50 books in total.
Allyson will write until whatever is inside is satisfied, until the heroes man up and the heroines get what they deserve. Love isn't always sweet and Allyson favours the darker side of romance. 

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Sneak Peek - Destiny Happened

I'm so totally stoked about the up and coming May 22nd release of the Down & Dirty Box Set. And I'm super honored to be one of the 22 authors included with my story, Destiny Happened.

How about a sneak peek from my hero, Kash? 


Pops quickly flipped a line of sizzling sausages with his heavy-duty tongs as I carried an oversized cooler past him. “Those better be more brats for the grill. ’Cause these babies are sellin’ out fast.”
 Sliding the container next to the boxes I’d placed under the canopy a few minutes earlier I said, “I wouldn’t leave you hanging, old man.”
He bobbed his head. “Know it.”
There was affection and perhaps a little bit of pride in my papaw’s tone.
“I’ve got another couple of coolers to bring over, so we should have enough brats to get us through the rest of the day.”
While having a food booth at Octoberfest was an annual money-raising activity allowing us to give a nice sum to a local charity—as well excellent advertisement for Caldwell Trucking & Repair—hauling stuff to and from our venue and fighting the traffic and crowds, wasn’t my favorite thing.
Glancing around I asked, “Where’s Joe?”
“He called a little while ago. He should be here any minute now.”
“You actually answered your cell phone? I’m impressed.”
“Don’t give me shit, boy.”
I chuckled. “Just happy to see you giving in. It’s about time you moved out of the stone age.”
“Yeah, well,” he grumbled. “I miss the good ol’ days when a person wasn’t reachable twenty-four-seven. When my ass isn’t planted in my office chair, then I’m out. No one gets the concept of being away and unavailable anymore. I don’t need to be interrupted all the time.”
I couldn’t help but grin at his usual rage against the machine. Everyone knew, if Pops was out of the trucking office, odds were high. Speaking to him probably wasn’t happening.  
“How about Cray?” I asked.
“Haven’t heard from him.”
With a shoulder lift, I swiped sweat from my face onto my damp, gray T-shirt. “That asshole better not pull another no show. It’s his turn to do clean up.”
I’d much rather work fifteen hour days at the shop—which, let’s be honest, I did often so I could catch up on the paperwork end—than to deal with the daily vendor set up and nightly clean up.
“You know your brother, Kash.”
“Yeah, Pops, I do.”
Shit… I’d be doing my younger brother’s job later because Crayten would do what he always did—leave me high and dry.
We were only two days in with this four-day event, and I wasn’t happy. Adding to my piss poor mood was the damn heat. It might have been October, but it was still hot as hell and even hotter standing behind our commercial-sized stainless steel grill, where I would eventually be to give Pops a break. But come on. Four days of organized chaos and three-hundred-thousand festivalgoers could drive a man to drink. Although, on a positive note, I didn’t have far to go if I wanted to tie one on. The beer garden was only a few feet away.
“Hey.” Joe strolled up, man bun in place—hipstered out in his skinny pants, a blue shirt with red suspenders, and a big goofy smile on his bearded face. “Did you catch those bar wenches?”
We did our standard fistbump greeting.
“I’ve been too busy hauling shit to notice anyone,” I said.
“Joe, I’ll never understand why you want to do that crap to your poor ears.”
That was Pops for you. His grousing way of greeting one of our best mechanics while at the same time giving the guy crap about the shiny black plugs protruding through his lobes.
Joe tugged on his right ear good-naturedly. “All the ladies love my accouterments.”
My papaw snorted. “Accoutrements is it? Fancy.”
“Pops, stop busting Joe’s balls,” I said.
“All right, all right,” he rasped. “Glad you're here, J.”
“Thanks, Mr. Caldwell. I’m happy to help,” said Joe—humor in his tone. He glanced back at me. “Still have stuff in your truck?”
“I’ll give you a hand.”
I reached over my shoulder and yanked my damp shirt up, tugging it up and off my head. “Appreciated. Just give me a sec.”
Balling the cotton material, I swiped the driest section over my sweaty chest and stomach, glad I’d thought to toss a couple clean shop-logoed T-shirts into the passenger seat of my pickup that morning.
A section of the milling crowd parted and a few whistles snagged my attention. No. The whistles weren’t directed at me. They were for some dark-haired woman who was tossing her hands in the air and shaking her ass.
I’ll admit. She was attractive in a Jennifer Garner kind of way. But, the woman next to her, shaking her head and smiling—long, honey-blonde hair gleaming in the sun—was a fucking knockout. A knockout who looked my way. A knockout who stared at me, then glanced past me—eyes narrowing and her porcelain doll face going serious as she started in my direction.
Maybe it was the way she held herself. The biting of her luscious bottom lip. The gentle sway of those shapely hips. Or maybe it was the hip-hugging jeans and white, scooped-neck, longsleeved tee showing off all her curves that did it. But she had this combination good-girl-next-door with a hint of wild-in-the-sack vixen vibe going on.
Filthy images of what I could do to muss her up raced through my head at supersonic speed.
I was ready to give her my best smile. Flirt a little. Maybe get her phone number. And I was just about to do all of that when without hesitation she stepped up to me, popped up on her tiptoes, tossed her arms around my neck, pressed those soft, full tits into my hard chest and smashed her plush, pink lips against mine.
All right. I’d had my fair share of women hit on me, and do that shit hard, but a woman literally throwing herself against me and taking charge without so much as a hello? Well, that was a first. When it came to the fairer sex, I took the lead. Regardless, though. I wasn’t stopping her. In fact, screw introductions. I didn’t need any.
Groaning, my right hand grabbed the back of her neck—fingers tangling into the strands of her silky hair. My other hand, still holding my wet shirt went to her ass and pulled her even tighter into me.
She made a little mew of sound which turned into a throaty moan—her smaller frame melting into me as I plunged my tongue into her mouth, tasting an explosion of cool mint and womanly desire.
Yeah. I was full-on frenching someone I didn’t know—deep penetration style—while in front of Pops, Joe, and the entire swell of weekenders at Octoberfest.
Obviously, I didn’t care.
Both my brain and body agreed. It was time to get down and dirty. This became apparent when all the blood I possessed rushed to my dick and I ground myself into her pelvis. It didn’t matter where we were. It didn’t matter the woman in my arms was a stranger. Nothing in the world did but the feel, smell, and taste of her.
I needed more. More touching, tasting…just more.
Awareness seeped into my ‘need woman now’ mindset. She’d let go of me and pressed a palm to my bare shoulder, attempting to push me away.
Definitely get her number, became the thought overtaking me as she stopped our rigorous game of tonsil hockey and stepped back, breaking my hold.
Staring down into the most exquisite pair of navy blue eyes, I was struck mute. That was new as well. I’d never before been tongue-tied over a woman. Not only was I silent, but it seemed I lost my ability to move.
Part of me got I probably looked like a complete dumbfuck standing there in front of our booth with a raging hard-on, shirtless, and goddamned speechless, but I just couldn’t pull my gaze from her.
A rosy hue started at her chest, crawled up her neck, and swept across her cheeks as she placed her fingertips on her kiss-swollen lips, whispered “Sorry,” spun around, and took off like the devil was on her trail.
Her leaving so abruptly snapped me out of my stupor and all my faculties crashed back in place with a jolt to my system. Rebooting me.
“Hey!” I called out, reaching. “Wait! What’s your name?”
All I caught was thin air and a peek of her shoulder as she blended into the crowd.

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Spring Fling Romance Collections

Spring Fling A Limited-Edition Collection of Romance Winter is fading into the distance and the season of love is upon us. ...